Avilution is an innovative software company that has been developing a groundbreaking avionics framework called eXtensible Flight System (XFS). This framework allows for the rapid development of robust and future-proof avionics that free the consumer from vendor lock-in and obsolescence. Avilution’s first packaged commercial offering, the Unpanel™, is an unique avionics package tailor made for VFR pilots.

Avilution is different from most avionics companies in that we primarily develop the underlying avionics technology as a collection of applications and modular hardware components — almost like making building blocks. Since most of what defines the parameters of an airplane systems, limitations and how the displays look is done through the configuration of the software and hardware, we primarily lean on avionics integrators and manufacturers to take our technology and package it in the best way for a given customer. While simplifying the installation is a goal, working directly with XFS components currently requires significant knowledge of computers and Linux. Feel free to contact us for a recommendation!

If you are an avionics integrator or manufacturer with Linux experience and have an idea for the ideal panel for a particular model of airplane, we’d like to hear from you!

If you have any underlying elements of an Avionics system such as ADAHRS, ADSB, radios, engine sensors, electronic circuit breakers, audio panels, or any other any  other cool device and would like to see support included within XFS please let us know!

If you develop displays of your own and want to know how to include XFS let us know!

If you are a software or hardware developer with an idea for how to make flying safer or less expensive we want to hear it!

This is a difficult question to answer because Avilution allows systems to be assembled in so many ways and with different levels of integration. As a general rule you can expect an Avilution system to have a similar cost to traditionally packages experimental aircraft systems but with a lot more flexibility. Unlike other vendors, however Avilution encourages mixing of supported best in class vendors for components so you or your integrator has more flexibility in choosing lower cost or higher quality components to meet your desires.

We can help! Avilution builds custom, back-lit panels that are tailor made for your aircraft and mission. Instead of just fitting avionics into your panel, we design an avionics experience that integrates seamlessly with your airplane and mission.

All of XFS is architected for resilience and will support multiple independent backup systems that can be configured for various failover modes.

The Unpanel™ is designed to meet the mission and needs of a VFR pilot flying lightweight STOL aircraft. By removing redundant systems from the standard package, Avilution was able to fit the avionics into a unique form factor that allows for greater visibility and pilot experience. In the event of a system failure, the aircraft can still be safely flown back to an airfield in VFR conditions. In addition, the Unpanel™ is compatible with all of our other products in case your mission requires increased redundancy.

XFS is designed to work with components from various avionics vendors. Avilution has already written drivers for many devices and the list is always growing. Generally, if the manufacturer of the specific device is willing to provide an Interface Control Document (ICD), then their device can be integrated into XFS. Avilution does not expect manufactures to change their products to integrate with XFS natively but will meet them at their native external interfaces.

  • Configurable Displays (Primary Flight Display (PFD), Multi Function Flight Display (MFD) and Unpanel™)
  • Drivers for avionics components from various vendors
    • Crossbow ARINC-429 AHRS
    • VAL COM2KR
    • VAL NAV 2KR
    • iLevil ADAHRS and ADSB-IN
    • MGL Engine RDAC
    • MGL Servos
    • MGL V16 Radio with Intercom
    • MT Propeller Governor
    • Generic NMEA Standard GPS
    • PS Engineering PAC15EX Audio Panel
    • PS Engineering PDA360EX Audio Panel
    • Rotax 912is FADEC
    • Generic ADSB Receiver
    • SF11 LIDAR Sensor
    • Sandia STX165 Transponder
    • uAvionix or Trig Avionics ADSB In/Out Transponder
    • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Vertical Power VP-X
  • Software “Hobbs” timer and tachometer timer
  • Brightness dimmer for backlight PWM control
  • Airframe application for configuring airspeed ranges, engine temperatures, etc
  • Flight Director (In development)
  • Autopilot (In development)
  • Fuel Totalizer
  • Master Control Program (For correlating data between multiple sensors)
  • Propellor Governor Controller (Calculates desired RPM for a given Throttle position)
  • Audible alert for stall and flare awareness
  • Status monitoring program (For monitoring the health of the system)
  • Integration with X-Plane Flight Simulator
  • Readypad
  • Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs) that can sink or source power (i.e. our ECBs can also drive motors/actuators in both directions)
  • Interface connections built into the ECBs that provide physical connections to avionics components over their native interface
    • RS-232
    • RS-485
    • CAN
    • ARINC-429
  • Readypad buttons
  • Autopilot and Mode Control Panel

Currently, XFS is being sold to end users within the experimental market. That being said, Avilution has designed XFS with certification in mind and hopes to provide products for certified aircraft in the future.

If you are a commercial customer looking to use XFS for certified applications, please contact us about an accelerated path towards certification.

Currently XFS is only available for use under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Avilution is developing IFR capabilities but they are not available at this time. If you have a specific application that requires IFR flight, please contact us about possible acceleration of development timelines.