AviationMaps 1.5.5 includes two new user requested features, specifically:

1) Ability to receive flight briefings and file flight plans via DUATS.

2) Ability to insert and remove user waypoints when viewing the sectional chart using long presses.

Enjoy and please provide input via our contact page on the flight briefing/flight planning features of the software!


4 thoughts on “AviationMaps 1.5.5

  1. How dose ETA work? I recently took a fight and noticed the ETA said I would arrive at 20:40, however I have not been able to correlate that time. Local time of arrival was 15:55, Zulu would be 19:55. The leg time seem okay.

  2. The update says we can now get weather briefings and file flight plans via DUATs but gives no directions on how to do this. I’m a little frustrated searching through this program unable to find it. Please give directions.

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