AviationMaps 1.5.6 includes a fix of a relatively rare force close, combined with a major cool new experimental feature — specifically the ability to search for an arbitrary address or location and have it show up on the map! For example, if you want to figure out the closest airports to Digium you can just search for “Digium” as you would an airport or waypoint!


One thought on “AviationMaps 1.5.6

  1. I like the search feature you have implemented in v1.56 of AviationMaps.

    However, I believe I have found a “bug” following a search that causes the application to close.
    After searching for an address and seeing the resulting pop-up box on the sectional map, I pressed the weather icon out of curiosity.
    This causes the application to terminate abruptly. [editors note: fixed for 1.5.8]

    I am running the application on a Samsung Galaxy 8.9″ Tablet with Hardware Acceleration turned OFF.

    Dale DeWeese
    Huntsville, AL

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