So my intent was to have a small release with 1.5.9, but there was so much that happened in terms of small improvements (like the addition of a timer when viewing an approach plate), combined with some big new features like the official release of Baron support and support for the Zaon XRX, that I just had to go ahead and bump it up to 1.6.0 in recognition of that.

The biggies are:
* Baron MobileLink support
* Zaon XRX Traffic Support; view the demo on YouTube.
* Operate AviationMaps as a “Live Wallpaper”
* Improvements to briefing/filing interface.

From the ChangeLog:

* Add support for Zaon XRX Profile 1.
* Release Baron Mobile Link Support.
* Add “Live Wallpaper”.
* Add timer when viewing procedures.
* When user waypoints overlap on scales >= 2.0, don’t print the overlapping labels.
* Don’t close pilot screen unless pilot phone number is in proper format.
* Save Briefing provided destination and departure do not change.
* Properly show Map/Find buttons in Detail view.
* Properly hide/show list/”no airports” label.
* Display Dep/Dest elevation in feet on FlightPad.
* When in “track me” show actual course and distance from present position, not just actual distance.
* Expand eastern boundaries of states to make sure data is predownloaded over water.

9 thoughts on “AviationMaps 1.6.0

    • We don’t have an online manual yet, although we do have some FAQ. To get your XRX to work, just turn on XRX support under “Layers” on the main screen. Your bluetooth will need to be on and if you have an older android device it might help you to pair your XRX with your device, although in principle it should not be required in advance.

    • AviationMaps 1.6.14 is now available for download and includes display of measured distance between fingertips during pinch to zoom as well as Dual, XGPS170 with ADS-B and WAAS GPS integration (Beta).

  1. Avilution was recommended to me. I have a ZAON XRX on my glareshield. All I need is a bluetooth enabled tablet (with Android) to get the XRX to show traffic on the tablet (Avilution screen)? Thanks

    • The Zaon XRX and AviationMaps integration is truly plug and play. We suggest you refer the the XRX Owners manual for placement and calibration considerations. We have a short demo available on YouTube.

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